Bioinformatics in Norway

This site provides an informal overview of information available on the net about bioinformatics in Norway.

There is no clear definition of bioinformatics, it depends on who you ask. A very wide definition would encompass any use of computers to analyse biological data, while classic bioinformatics deals with the analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and prediction and modelling of protein or RNA structure. Modern bioinformatics includes subjects like analysis of microarray data or simulation of complex interactions between the molecules in a cell.

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Future events

Past events



National projects


Selected national technology platforms (FUGE)


Research groups






University of Bergen (UIB)

  • INF380 Methods in bioinformatics
  • INF381 Analysis of postgenomic data
  • INF389 Selected topics in bioinformatics
  • MOL204 Applied bioinformatics
  • MOL218 Genome research

University of Oslo (UiO)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim

Agricultural University of Norway (NLH), Ås

Stavanger University College (HIS)

Nord-Trøndelag University College (HiNT), Levanger


Online services

For an overview of online services, tools and databases, see the list on the FUGE Bioinformatics platform site.


Commercial companies

  • Interagon AS: Products and services for pattern recognition in large data volumes
  • MolMine AS: Software for analysis and visualisation of microarray data (J-Express)
  • PubGene, Inc.: Bioinformatics software and services (PubGene)
  • Sencel Bioinformatics AS: Software for sequence database searches (PARALIGN)



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