Joint Centre for Bioinformatics in Oslo

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Name Position Tel Email / tel
Lars O. Baumbusch Adjunct Assoc Prof, IFI +47 22781367
lars.o.baumbusch  AT
Eivind Hovig Adjunct Professor, IFI
Senior scientist, OUS
+47 22935416
ehovig  AT
Anja B Kristoffersen Adjunct Assoc Prof, IFI +47 22857966
anjab  AT
Karin Lagesen Research Scientist,CMBN
Postdoc, Dept. of Biology, UiO
+47 22858506
karin.lagesen  AT
Knut Liestøl Professor, IFI +47 22857963
knut  AT
Ole Christian Lingjærde Professor, IFI +47 22857964
ole  AT
Jon K Lærdahl Research scientist, CMBN, OUS +47 22844784
j.k.lardahl  AT
Sigve Nakken PhD student, CMBN, OUS +47 22844786
sigve.nakken  AT
Gro Nilsen PhD student, IFI -
gronilse  AT
Ståle Nygård Postdoc, IFI +47 22844783
stale.nygard  AT
Jonas Paulsen Bioinformatician, OUS +47 22855238
jonaspau  AT
Torbjørn Rognes Assoc Prof, IFI
Research scientist, CMBN, OUS
+47 22844787
+47 90755587
torbjorn.rognes  AT
Alex Rowe Postdoc, CMBN, OUS +47 22844784
alexander.rowe  AT
Halfdan Rydbeck PhD student, IFI +47 22844783
halfdan.rydbeck  AT
Einar A Rødland Research Scientist, IFI +47 22858506
einarro  AT
Therese Sørlie Adjunt Assoc Prof, IFI +47 22934418
therese.sorlie  AT
Gard Thomassen PhD student, CMBN, OUS +47 22844786
g.o.s.thomassen  AT
David Ussery Adjunct Assoc Prof, IFI
Assoc Prof, CBS, DTU, Denmark
dave  AT
Merete Molton Worren Bioinformatician, IFI -
merete.worren  AT

See the websites of the IFI Bioinformatics group, the DNR Bioinformatics group, and the CMBN bioinformatics group for more information.

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