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Bioinformatics Wednesday seminars - autumn 2010

Wednesdays at 13:15, Gaustadalléen 25, 3rd floor
Date Responsible Title
02.09.2010 Floyd A. Reed
Max Planck Institute
for Evolutionary Biology,
Gene-Culture Coevolution: Adult Lactose Tolerance in East Africa
Time: 13:00
03.11.2010 Eirik Mistereggen Compression of short reads
10.11.2010 Eivind Gard Lund Comparative annotation analysis
15.12.2010 Ingeborg Bjorvand Engh/
Nils Damm Christophersen
A brief presentation of the Extended Bioinformatics Core Facility (EBCF) - Computational Life Science initiative (CLSi)
Time: 12:15
Ingeborg Bjorvand Engh Evolution of the dry rot fungus Serpula lacrymans

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