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Internal seminars - autumn 2006

Wednesdays at 12:00, Gaustadalléen 25, 3rd floor
Date Responsible Title
06.09.2006 Torbjørn Rognes ISMB 2006 and SIGs: Highlights from Fortaleza
13.09.2006 Gard Thomassen
Jessica Lindvall
Highlights: Microarray Gene Expression Data Society Meeting (MGED9)
20.09.2006 Morten Mattingsdal ELM, Microarrays and more
27.09.2006 Birgit Eliassen Design and Use of a Relational GPCR Database
04.10.2006 Torgeir A. Ruden Scientific Computing Group, a resource for biology and bioinformatic research
11.10.2006 Sigve Nakken Sequence context analysis of single point mutations in human segmental duplications
25.10.2006 Lars Juhl Jensen,
EMBL Heidelberg
Cross-species data integration (STRING)
Time: 15:30
Place: Green Auditorium 1 at Rikshospitalet
01.11.2006 Therese Sørlie Molecular portraits of breast cancer: Integrating genomic data for a comprehensive understanding of breast cancer diseases
08.11.2006 Eivind Tøstesen A stitch in no time
15.11.2006 Knut Liestøl Tuberculosis/Consumption
22.11.2006 Granavollen No seminar
29.11.2006 Geir Kjetil Sandve Motif discovery
06.12.2006 Trine Ranheim
and co-workers
Research activity at Medical Genetics,
13.12.2006 Alex Rowe Dihedral angles from the PDB

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