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Internal seminars - spring 2007

Wednesdays at 12:00, Gaustadalléen 25, 3rd floor
Date Responsible Title
24.01.2007 Einar A. Rødland Hvordan noen gener kan påvirke sin egen DNA sekvens, samt en liten moralpreken
31.01.2007 Per Eystein Sæbø New features in ParAlign
07.02.2007 Jon K. Lærdahl Bioinformatics at NBS Winter Meeting - a brief summary
14.02.2007 - No seminar
21.02.2007 Winter holiday No seminar
28.02.2007 Eivind Hovig The human genome melting map
07.03.2007 Jessica Lindvall,
Sigve Nakken,
and Alex Rowe
Impressions form the 8th Bologna Winter School
14.03.2007 Lars O. Baumbusch Comparison of the Agilent, ROMA/NimbleGen and Illumina platforms for classification of copy number changes
21.03.2007 Ole Christian Lingjærde Predicting survival from microarray data - a comparative study
28.03.2007 Jon Myrseth  
04.04.2007 Easter holiday No seminar
11.04.2007 - No seminar
18.04.2007 Inger Solberg Computational predictions of operons
25.04.2007 Jon K. Lærdahl The two active sites of AP endonuclease 1
02.05.2007 Jessica Lindvall In search of possible SOS-response in Neisseria meningitidis
09.05.2007 - No seminar
16.05.2007 Torbjørn Rognes A gene ortholog clustering algorithm and its application on DNA repair genes
23.05.2007 - No seminar
30.05.2007 Halfdan Rydbeck From genotype and phenotype data to LOD-scores and p-values
New time!: 14:00
06.06.2007 Gard Thomassen Transcriptome mapping of selected bacterial genomes
13.06.2007 Karin Lagesen Predicting rRNA operons
20.06.2007 - Backup day

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