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Bioinformatics Wednesday seminars - spring 2009

Wednesdays at 12:15, Gaustadalléen 25, 3rd floor
Date Responsible Title
04.02.2009 Gard Thomassen
(Jon K. Lærdahl)
A universal assay for detection of oncogenic fusion transcripts by oligo microarray analysis
(& some news from NBS Contact Meeting 2009)
11.02.2009 Anja Kristoffersen Detecting unknown GMO - design and analysis of an oligonucleotide array
18.02.2009 Josef Thingnes The mathematics of tanning
25.02.2009 Torbjørn Rognes Journal club: Improved accuracy for Solexa read mapping
04.03.2009 Karin Lagesen Campylobacter colonization factors
11.03.2009 Lars O. Baumbusch Single Cell array CGH - chances and challenges
18.03.2009 - No seminar
25.03.2009 David Ussery Bacterial comparative pangenomics
01.04.2009 Ole Christian Lingjærde Testing many hypotheses at the same time: how to identify interesting genes
08.04.2009 - Easter break
15.04.2009 - No seminar
22.04.2009 Halfdan Rydbeck Journal club: Nucleosome positioning
29.04.2009 Simen Myhre &
Therese Sørlie
In silico ascription of gene expression differences to tumor and stroma cells: Associations with breast cancer outcome
06.05.2009 Knut Liestøl Determining critical components in growth factor regulation by siRNA screens
13.05.2009 Jon K. Lærdahl Journal club: Structure-based activity prediction
20.05.2009 Lars Snipen, IKBM/UMB Estimating the microbial core- and pan-genome size
27.05.2009 Kristian Vlahovicek Codon usage at the level of microbial communities
03.06.2009 Geir Kjetil Sandve Massive statistical analysis of genomic data

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